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What is the OCPRHIO HIE?

A Health Information Exchange, or HIE, is a way of sharing your health information among participating doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, and other health care providers through secure, electronic means. The purpose is so that each of your participating caregivers can have the benefit of the most recent information available from your other participating caregivers when taking care of you.

What is in my OCPRHIO HIE patient record?

Your OCPRHIO HIE patient record will include your medications, allergies, current and past test results, and summaries of your past and current health problems. It will not include psychotherapy and sensitive notes or other information that requires your specific authorization to release under federal law. Having timely access to a more complete and accurate health record will help your caregivers work together more easily, make better decisions about your care, eliminate redundant forms, and reduce mistakes, especially in an emergency.

Who can see my records?

Only health care providers who are treating you and their associated staff who are specifically given rights to the HIE network can access your records through the OCPRHIO HIE. For example, if one of your providers participates in the OCPRHIO HIE, he or she can access your health information maintained by your other providers who also participate in the OCPRHIO HIE.

How is my health information protected?

OCPRHIO along with your caregiver is committed to keeping your records private and secure. Clear and strict federal and state guidelines govern how your health information can be exchanged, viewed, or used. Information that identifies you will not be sold or made available for other purposes. Only those that care for you will be able to view your health information, and only when needed to provide or coordinate your care, make referrals, submit mandatory public health reports (such as your vaccination history), or to provide health care benefits to you.

What can OCPRHIO HIE do for me?

If you see multiple doctors who participate on the OCPRHIO HIE, they may see a more complete picture of your health, and make more informed treatment decisions. The goal is for you to receive coordinated care more efficiently. Your health care information is available to participating health care providers where and when they need it without delay.

Are there risks to opting out?

Yes, the goal of the OCPRHIO HIE is to provide all your caregivers outside secure access to the best available information about your health. By opting out of health information exchange, your caregivers may have less information about you when making a diagnosis for you, or when making decisions with you about your care

I don’t want to participate. How can I opt out?

To Opt Out, please contact OCPRHIO directly by e-mailing us at OptOut@ocprhio.org.

Your choice to opt-out of the Health Information Exchange will not affect your ability to access medical care. Opting out will not prevent your caregivers from sharing your health information with authorized entities when necessary for public health or research purposes that are permitted or required by federal and state law. In cases of medical emergency, your doctor may request to view your health record to diagnose or treat your emergency medical condition and OCPRHIO will make your records available under such circumstances.